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Twobay portal building (approx. 5.6 x 4.8m).
Douglas Fir and Larch.
Timber frame double garage and store kit is
supplied ready to install on your preparedbase
and can be orderedwith either featheredge or
waney edge cladding to suit the style and finish
you require.
Youwill receive:
Complete Frame, including posts and beams.
(The 6main posts are supplied overlength to allow
adjustment for slight variation of levels on site.)
Pre-prepared studwork for thewalls supplied for six of
the eight openings plus the two gable ends, allowing
for easy and consistent fixing of cladding.
As thefinishedheight isbelow4metres to theapex itwill not normally require
planningpermission toerect alongside themajorityof residential dwellings.
(We strongly recommend that you checkwithyour local planning
Thebuilding shouldbeerectedbya competent carpenter toensure thefinished
buildingmeets theexacting standardsofmost customers. If youwould like to
obtaina freenoobligationquotation fordeliveryanderectionontoa suitable
basepleaseask fordetailsat our trade counterof a contractorwhobuysquality
timberproducts regularly fromFountainTimber.
Featheredge cladding (11mm)
3 sides, no roof cladding
Featheredge cladding (11mm)
3 sides, suppliedwith cedar shingles
Waney edge cladding (38mm)
3 sides, no roof cladding
Waney edge cladding (38mm)
3 sides, suppliedwith cedar shingles
All prices include VAT. Free delivery to all BS postcodes.
Ask for details of delivery to other postcode areas.
NB Roof finish, guttering and electrics not included in price.
Ask at our trade counter for more details.
Your choice of waney edge or featheredge cladding
supplied in long lengths to be cut to size to allow
perfect finishing.
All Roofing timbers are included to be cut and
notched to suit.
COMPLETELYFLEXIBLE-withportal buildingswe canoffer a choiceof one, two, threeor
even four baybuildings. You can createaworkshop space, log store, garage…simplyby
filling inmoreor lesswindows anddoors and installingpartitionwalls.
Timber FrameGarage&Store
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