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Leading theway
BASFWolmanGmbH, Dr.-Wolman-Str. 31–33, 76547Sinzheim, Germany,
Phone: +49 7221 800-0, Fax: +49 7221 800-290, E-Mail:
Leading theWay inWoodProtection
Preservingwood – and thequalityof life
Our experiencemeans youget thebest possibleprotection for wood. Over 100 years
agowe createdmodernWoodProtection. Since thenwe’vebeen continually perfecting
ourWoodProtectionproducts and associated scientific and technical services.
Over 300patentsworldwide speak for themselves. Our aim for the future is to continue
buildingon this experience. Andwe’re happy to share the resulting know-how and
expertisewithour customers: a combinationof advanced technology andmore
than a century of experience that guaranteesWoodProtection you candependon.
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