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Steps takenby us for treatingground contact timber
1) Timber is dried to 28%moisture content or below in our
own drying kiln (With the exception of Spruce that more
readily accepts treatment at over 30%moisture)
2) We treat timber in like-for-like batches. (ie Pinewith Pine,
Douglas Fir withDouglas Fir, Larchwith Larch and Spruce
with Spruce)
3) Wemonitor, measure and record all treatment cycles to
ensurewe outperform themanufacturer’s high treatment
4) We allow it to dry and deliver when ready.
With all these stepswe canbe confident inoffering
our customers a 10+ year service life protection
against rot or insect attack
The only things thatwill void this protection:
Cutting (unless cut ends are liberally treatedwith a good
wood end grain preservative. ie.Wolman CnT)
Notching (unless notches are liberally treatedwith a good
wood end grain preservative. ie.Wolman CnT)
Damaging (ie excessive damage or splitting of pointed
stake during installation)
Equalising/Planing (without returning for re-treatment)
The shorteningof posts or stakes shouldbe avoided
wherever possible. The cut end SHOULDNEVERbe
placed in the ground.
Fountain Timber treat ground contact timber toUse Class 4
standard. ALL UC4 products are suppliedwith a service life
exceeding 10 years protected against any failure caused by
fungal attack or insect attack.
Any UC4 product supplied by Fountain Timber which fails,
during this 10 year periodwill be replaced FREEOF CHARGE
subject to the following conditions:-
The timber must be used for the supplied purpose and
not placed in any abnormal conditions not highlighted at
the time of purchase or alternatively removed from their
original position and re-used in differing conditions.
If the product is cut, notched or drilled it is essential
the cut ends be liberally treatedwith endwood grain
preservative. Fence post should not be pointed after
The shortening of fence posts should be avoidedwherever
possible. Under no circumstances should a cut end be
placed in the ground.
If setting posts in concrete, suitable drainage/run off must
be applied, allowingwater to flow freely away from post.
Proof of purchasemust be suppliedwith any claim; this
can be byway of receipt, invoice number or delivery note
number for the products in question.
Wewill require the return of samples (WHOLE POST) for
any failed product to identify the cause of failure and to
test the quality and penetration of the treatment.
This undertakingwill cover the cost or replacement of the
product as supplied by Fountain Timber Products. Any
other costs incurred in replacing the products are excluded.
We standbyour timber treatment…
As a specialist in fencing, garden products, gates, sheds etc., we have unrivalled experience in
manufacturing and supplyingproducts that are used in ground contact andwet conditions. Since the
introduction ofWolmanCX in 2013, we are confident our productswill have a 10+ year service life
aswe produce all our ground contactmaterial (Posts, Gravel Boards, Sleepers, Decking, Bollards) using
CX 10’ high pressure treatment toClass 4 (UC4) - as specifiedby BASFWolman
, leaders in
timber treatment technology.
Buywith confidence
CXPressure Treated Timber
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