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Fountain Timber is located south of Bristol between Backwell and Wrington and offers visitors access to the heart of the woods. 

Our Story

The name comes from the Fountain House, the prestigious post-war building in the City of London with a fountain in the entrance hall where Mathew Wrightson Limited, a Lloyds insurance company, had their offices. Their directors and some of the underwriting names at the time invested in forestry in order to offset the cost against other income and reduce the high taxes they were paying post war and they set up Fountain Forestry.

Fountain Forestry bought Wrington Warren in 1957. When purchased, the land was a mix of arable, rough pasture and small plantations. They planted the better land in Larch, the poorer land in Pine. A large proportion was planted with Beech with softwood nurse crops, the softwoods were removed after 50 years to reveal Beech woodland. 

The timber yard and sawmills you can see today, started life in 1967 when Walter Goldstone, the Head Forester responsible for the planting and his two sons Bernard and Richard,  set up a processing and staging depot for pit props that were on their way from Devon to South Wales and Yorkshire. As the mines closed the timber yard diversified into fencing, for both domestic and  the agricultural and construction markets. 

Since then Fountain Timber Products  has developed many new product offerings to meet the changing needs of contractors and individuals including prestigious garden and landscaping products.

Garden Timber Products Bristol
bespoke garden timber products in bristol

Fountain Timber Today

Today, we purchase home grown logs and make the best possible use of the prime timber through our own sawmills to produce material for fencing, gates posts etc. The residual material is then used to produce everything from bark strips, timber chips, woodchips for biomass boilers to garden mulches. In fact we aim to use every part of the timber purchased, the sawdust and shavings go to local contractors for use with livestock.

Developments in timber preservation and the introduction of kiln drying allow us to offer timber that will last. By using two timber treatment plants on site, we offer a 10 year plus service life on ground contract material like posts, gravel boards, sleepers, decking etc. 

The site now boasts its own joinery shop manufacturing made to measure gates  as well as large display area with both timber and composite decking, fence panels, driveway gates,  sheds  and garden furniture. 

The Fountain Store stocks ironmongery, tools and wood care products and much more. 


We are proud of our heritage. Back in 1957 Walter Goldstone and his team of about 20 planted and nurtured the trees in the early days. Sons, grandsons, granddaughters from these original workers have worked in or remain in the business. Many have 20 plus years’ service, some 30, they continue to hand down their skills and translate their experience into quality products.

When you buy from Fountain you are helping support a local company employing local people that is equally proud to support the local community.



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