Willow & Hazel Hurdles - a Perfect Choice

Willow and Hazel hurdles                      


Hurdles can be an ideal garden fence as they will blend seamlessly into any garden giving it that classic, natural look.Willow and hazel panels and hurdles also make brilliant wind breaks as the weave of the hurdle lets a small amount of wind filter through thus reducing the vortex effect that would be caused by a solid barrier.


Sturdieness vs Longevity

Hazel is arguably sturdier but willow may last longer.


Fresh willow is a green colour but within one season it will darken to a traditional brown.

Framed or Unframed

Framed hurdles are slightly easier to erect while unframed look less formal. In Britain we traditionally use unframed panels.

PLEASE NOTE Hurdles are a natural product and as such every hurdle is slightly different. Sizes are for guidance only and will vary: match each space to the actual panel.

Fixing unframed hurdles

The choice of support can be either round stakes/posts or square-sawn posts. Hurdles can either be screwed into posts or attached with garden wire. When using round stakes/posts, wire may be more appropriate. For sawn posts you may prefer to butt them together and then fix with screws, in which case you may find a washer helps secure the hurdle. 100mm x 100mm posts will provide a larger surface to fix to. For the lower hurdles 18" or 460mm in the ground should be sufficient. For a 6' or 1.8m high hurdle we would suggest 2' or 600mm in the ground, concreted in exposed sites.

Round Stakes/Square Posts

Sawn Posts

  • For 4' or 1.2m high hurdles, we suggest 1.8m x 75 x 75 post (product code 10002)
  • For 6' or 1.8m hurdles we suggest 2.4m x 100 x 100 (product code 10011)

Fixing heavy framed hurdles

Heavy-framed hurdles are the sturdiest option as the frame gives greater rigidity. The fixing recommendations are the same as for unframed hurdles, but you will find fixing framed hurdles is simpler and the whole fence is more robust.

Fixing Arch Top Willow - Framed All Round

These decorative panels are simple to fit but not recommended for exposed sites or if security is important. The fixing recommendations are the same as for unframed hurdles but with the framed all round you have the added alternative of using metal clips (product code 84461) which can be fixed to sawn posts or H posts (To see a full range click here ).

Maintenance of Willow and Hazel Hurdles

Both Hazel and Willow are natural products and will have a finite life but this can be enhanced by suitable treatment. The traditional method is linseed oil diluted in turpentine, but any suitable "off-the-shelf" wood preserver will help. The life of the hurdle will also be increased if it is lifted above ground level to allow an air passage.

The information and advice in this article is provided in good faith and is designed to give general information and guidance. Any reliance you place on such information is therefore strictly at your own risk. If in doubt we strongly recommend you seek professional assistance.

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