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Garden Office - Great Solution for Working from Home

The number of people working from home has dramatically increased over the last decade and it is estimated that some 4.2 million UK workers are working from home. Experts predict this figure will steadily rise over the next few years.

One of the main advantages of working from home, in addition to convenience, is flexibility – not just with working hours but also the ability to determine and control your work environment. You can decide on lighting, temperature setting, décor etc. to enable you to create environment that would suit you best and make your happiest and most productive.

Other benefits of working from home include less distractions, proximity to home and family, no need to commute, less stress, more productivity, better work / life balance. However, working from home is not without its own, unique set of problems like isolation, different distractions this time from family members, friends or neighbours, not having enough space and feeling of “never leaving work”.  Investing in a garden office is a practical and cost effective solution to working from home. It creates a physical division between work life and home and makes it easier to work to set hours in a quiet, undisturbed space. 

Unlike a home office, the garden office's interior does not have to blend with the rest of your home and can be a true expression of what you need from a working environment, tailored just for you: conservative, artistic, dramatic, quirky, minimalist, or whatever takes your fancy.

In many cases a garden office can be built under ‘Permitted Development’ rules but this will very much depend of the intended use of the building.   Using a building to run a business that is noisy and has lots of visitors will have completely different impact on neighbourhood in terms of noise, number of cars etc from using it to work quietly alone on your computer. It is always a good practice to talk to your neighbours, show them the proposed plans and explain to them what you intend to do.   For more advice on planning permissions contact your Local Building Authority or visit:

If you are unsure whether you need to apply for Planning Permission it is worth applying to your local Planning Department for pre-planning advice, this is an informal application which allows you to learn whether planning is needed in your individual circumstances. Local authorities are essentially positive about garden offices and other garden buildings and if you need planning permission you are highly likely to get it.

More information and relevant links can be found in the advice pages on Fountain Timber website.

At Fountain Timber we have a selection of garden buildings of different sizes and styles that would be ideal for the garden office.  

To discuss your individual requirements and to obtain a FREE no obligation quote please call us on 01934 862710 or  visit our displays in the heart of the woods  to see the quality of finish  talk to us in  more details about available options that would best suit your needs.

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