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How to Install Trellis Panels in Your Garden

Trellis can be a hugely versatile addition to any garden, with many functions and plenty of aesthetic appeal. As well as its natural-looking design and framework, perfect for climbing plants, trellis can also be a great solution for concealing unsightly areas, acting as a division between garden areas, and adding height to an existing fence — either as a decorative feature or to offer more privacy.

In this guide, we will walk you through the required steps for installing trellis panels, whether you're planning to add them to new fences or integrate them into existing structures. 

Decide on the purpose of your trellis

Decorative, functional, or both?

Determining the purpose of your trellis or lattice is crucial before installation. If you plan to decorate it with climbing plants, consider the types of plants you wish to grow. Ensure that the trellis you select can support the weight of these plants and that the lattice holes or slats are wide enough to encourage sprawling growth. If the goal is to create a new texture on an existing fence or wall, select a design that complements your garden's aesthetic.

If the trellis is purely functional, either to divide certain areas of your garden or to provide additional privacy, consider the size of mesh pattern of your trellis and the trade-off between letting in more light to your garden space and increased concealment. 

norman trellis with norman convex trellis top
norse trellis

Choosing the right trellis

The Fountain Timber trellis range

Different trellis styles offer their own individual aesthetic qualities and functions. Norman Trellis, for instance, features a robust and traditional design with a smaller 25mm mesh, and is a great option for adding privacy and style to your garden.  For versatility and value for money, Anglo Trellis features a 55 mm square mesh design and is available in various different sizes. Because of its dimensions, Anglo Trellis is a superb product for growing any number of climbing plants.

One of our most popular products, Latin Diamond Trellis and the Latin Square Trellis, made from premium quality framed panels, are both perfect for garden screening or adding elevation to fences and a excellent solution for any number of garden projects.

For a softer screen, Norse Trellis allows plenty of light to pass through its 60mm mesh while maintaining privacy and visual quality — a superb choice for enhancing your borders, growing climbing plants, and creating distinct zones in your garden. Meanwhile, to enhance the look of your fence, Norse Concave Trellis and Norse Convex Trellis are both hugely popular products in our range for their unique design.

For a more contemporary look, Venetian Trellis features smooth horizontal slats, providing both privacy and light; an attractive solution for the modern garden. 

latin square trellis panels
latin diamond trelling panels

Treating your garden trellis

Waterproofing and resistance to the elements

While many of our trellis products are made from pressure-treated softwood, applying an additional treatment is advisable to preserve its lifespan and prevent wood shrinkage. Fountain Timber stocks Barretine Wood Treatment, a waterproofing wood treatment that offers long-term protection for your trellis. By treating your trellis, you ensure it remains durable and resistant to the elements, maintaining its appearance and functionality over time.

roman trellis on featheredge fencing panels
anglo trellis fence panels

Installing garden trellis against a fence or wall

A step-by-step guide

1. Prepare the space

Before attaching a trellis to a wall, ensure there's enough space for your plants to climb, and sufficient room to move your hands should you need to prune or attend to your plants. This can be achieved by fixing the trellis to a batten first.

2. Select and install battens

The size of the batten should generally be between 30mm and 60mm, depending on the size of your trellis. Using a trellis clip or wall plugs and screws, fix the battens to the fence or wall at the points where the top and bottom of your trellis will sit. For larger trellises, you might want to add a batten in the middle.

3. Attach the trellis

Once the battens are securely in place, you can screw your trellis to the wall or fence. Ensure that the bottom of the trellis isn't touching the ground. Even if the trellis is treated, constant contact with a moist surface can cause it to rot over time.

anglo trellis fence panels against a wall
roman trellis fence panels

Installing garden trellis on top of a fence

A step-by-step guide

1. Plan and prepare

When installing a trellis atop a fence, it's best to do so during the initial installation of the fence panels. Leave a section of the fence post extending above the fence height to attach the trellis. If adding a trellis to an existing fence, you can modify the posts by securing wood battens to extend the height. Ensure the battens are sturdy and properly fixed to the existing posts to provide a solid support structure for the trellis.

2. Install trellis clips

Once the fence posts are prepared, you need to attach trellis clips to hold the trellis. Using 35mm screws, fix one clip on the inside of each fence post or wood batten extension. Position the clips halfway between the top and bottom of where the trellis panel will be placed. These clips will hold the trellis panel securely and provide the necessary support to keep it in place.

3. Attach the trellis

Finally, slot the trellis panel into the clips. With the trellis in position, secure it by fixing 35mm screws through the clips into the trellis. Ensure the trellis is level and properly aligned with the fence. This method will provide a stable and aesthetically pleasing extension to your fence, enhancing your garden's privacy and style.

norse concave trellis
norse convex trellis

How can we help?

As ever, this article shares insights and general advice with good intentions. Following this information is entirely at your discretion, and it's wise to consult a professional if uncertain.

Should you need more help with your purchase, our team is always here to assist you. For all your trellis enquiries, or advice or guidance on any other products in the Fountain Timber range, please do get in touch by pressing the button below:

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