The Good, The Bad & The Ugly at  Fountain Timber

We are pleased we were able to continue trading during the lock down period with reduced staff. Our main aims were to have basic products available for customers and to ensure the business was able to maintain the quality of its stock and protect the future of our employees. The last few weeks since trading restrictions have been reduced have brought new challenges.

You no doubt are finding it difficult to get what you want, when you want it and at a price you want to pay - It is exactly the same for us!To keep you fully informed, we set out some of the changes and challenges we face to meet your needs.

 The Good News…

Open to all customers and back to 6 days a week trading.

 Mon - Friday 8am - 5pm and Saturday 9am - 4pm Obviously, social distancing is important to us for the safety of all staff, customers and visitors. The most noticeable things are facemask in the counters area and gels at all entrances. We have also changed our system, so if you pre-order, the goods are picked and on your arrival delivered to your vehicle for loading. This reduces the number and length of close contacts.

Whilst you are welcome to visit and purchase without an order, the system is very much the same. On arrival we ask you visit our sales counter to check availability, make your purchase then show your receipt to one of our servers. They again will go away, pick the goods for you and deliver directly back to your vehicle. This saves you time and the need to get too close!

Product Improvement… 

Our driveway gates range are ‘Refreshed’, we’ve made them stronger and easier to install…

            New gates display 2020


What has changed?

We know our customers like our traditional style gates, we know that timber is a natural product and needs care and attention particularly when first installed. We’ve listened to customers and revisited the construction of our most popular designs to include the following: 

  • Adapted the bracing to allow us to supply stronger, wider gates with confidence (2.4m leaf)

  • Put an additional top brace on all flat top gates to reduce any twisting and warping

  • Looked at all the gate joints and installed two metal star dowels on each joint ensuring that hinges can be fixed with no need to attempt to drill out the dowel

  • Run the boards on the face through to the bottom to reduce points where water can sit

  • Use stainless steel nails throughout and more of them!

Of course, the most important factor - MADE TO MEASURE remains the same … We can supply to suit individual requirements.

   Gate NEW Back   Hinge 1 New gate      NEW Gate 2 Back

 These gates are now on display in pressure treated softwood  and we are also able to offer all deigns in Iroko hardwood. Come and see for yourself.

The Bad…

Shortages in manufacture and supply of featheredge, fence panels, decking & concrete products plus some ironmongery items are a real headache…. We managed to get supplies throughout the lock down, and as we recognised supply would be an issue we forward ordered, but to no avail. Now the whole industry is back up and running our suppliers simply cannot keep up. Our weekly deliveries have been spread to 3, 4, 5 or even 6 weeks in some instances. No doubt you are experiencing this wherever you go. We’re grateful that at least we can cut timber in our mill and when the panels or featheredge arrive we can put complete orders together. We have looked for additional suppliers, but no-one wants a new customer now, which in all honesty is a credit to some manufacturers who want to look after the existing customers.

What are we doing about it?

Although there are slight signs of improvement on the horizon, all we can do is be fair to all customers and supply the goods to the earliest order first. When supplies are received, we pick the oldest orders and advise as soon as your order is ready for collection or delivery.

We ask that if you have an order ready, please take it promptly for two reasons. Firstly, it is very difficult telling customers for example we haven’t got any panels when they can see your product in the yard! Secondly, with the changeable weather, any order left for more than a week or two in the sun can virtually become unusable due to twisting and splitting!

Of course, we are chasing, chasing and chasing our deliveries every day.

The Ugly…

Sadly, with shortages – demand increases, and profiteering begins. We continue to shield our customers not only from Covid19 but also from massive price hikes. For example, prices for feather edge boards to us have increased by 25% since the end of March. We are not increasing our prices by anywhere near 25%. The old favourites 1.65 and 1.8m are certainly being priced as tight as possible. Birkdale Ironmongery increased all prices to us by 9% in April. We have been forced to increase our prices this month.

We’ve held our prices stable until now but cannot absorb these prices increases any further. We will honour any quote for 30 days, but all new quotes and orders will be at new prices. We are trying to keep all our prices as sharp as we can by challenging suppliers and doing everything we can to hold back the tide. With this level of change we cannot keep our prices on the web up to date. So we ask all customers to ask for a current price and 30 day solid quote before ordering .

Finally – We are here to serve you

 We now welcome all customers to site, 6 days a week - Please respect social distancing and facemask rules for your own safety and those around you. Stay - safe

 Our objective is to meet customer needs, be fair in our pricing and retain all our existing customers. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to call us on 01934 862710

loading truck  concrete posts  featheredge boardfe gate





25 March  2020

Following the Government’s announcements regarding the temporary closure of non-essential businesses we have modified our trading operation to ensure the highest level of safety for our staff and visitors whilst being able to make available essential products for maintenance and repair.

With high level of business over the past few weeks, we are busy collating orders that are ready and advising how customers can obtain these.

At the same time we have taken the following action:

  1. Changed our trading hours to 9am - 4pm Monday to Friday. (Closed Saturday and Sunday)
  2. We have closed our Sawmill, Gate manufacturing, Shed and Garden Building Centres during the enforced shutdown period.
  3. We are restricting access to our site, with individual access for ordered materials only.
  4. We have temporarily suspended the trading element of our website and will only accept orders via the phone for stock materials for the moment.

(We can only make deliveries to the local area. We cannot produce special size gates, sheds and timber profiles during this restricted period)

  1. Should you have an urgent need, please ring 01934 862710 for Fence Posts, Fence Panels, Agricultural fencing, Timber, stock gates, ironmongery, Biomass chip, firewood etc. (We cannot accept landscaping materials or garden furniture as essential).

Please bear with us as we do not want to overpromise and underperform. Our aim is to help customers with their essential needs without putting any member of staff, public or customer at risk. – All actions are subject to change with receipt of further advice.



At this time of year when the days are getting shorter and colder our thoughts may be turning towards cosy evenings in front of the fire.  Here at Fountain, we have a selection of hardwood and softwood logs, sawmill offcuts as well as Eco friendly Briquettes.

You should always take care to burn only dried (seasoned) wood. Wood for the fire should have a moisture content of 20% or less to ensure that lower levels of PM2.5 particulates are released into the atmosphere in accordance with the Government's Clean Air Strategy 2019. 

Using good quality logs with less than 20% moisture that are ready to burn will also enable you to achieve better heat efficiency as well as make it easier to clean and maintain chimneys, fireplaces and wood burners.  

Visit our site at Brockley Combe, Backwell, call us on 01934862710 or see firewood section on our website for details.



We constantly endeavour to find new uses for products previously considered waste. Ever since we installed  Eco Woodchip Drier all the mill offcutst are iether sold as fiirewood or chipped and drided on site to produce quality woodchip for use in biomas boilers. 

A large load of woodchip went to a chicken farm in Somerset today.

minimising waste 1  minimising waste 2 


We are very proud that one of our bespoke garden buildings featured in the gold medal winning garden design by Stonebarn Landscapes at this year’s Chelsea Flower Show.

The building had extended pent roof, a solid frame made from 50x70mm CLS graded timber and T&G pressure treated cladding. The artist who painted the building used wax and fence paint to achieve distressed, driftwood effect which contrasted beautifully with dark, double glazed doors and windows. 

         stonebarn at chelsea 2019 stonebarn garden building   chelsea flower show 3

Garden buildings are often ideal solution to growing families and people working from home as they can be turned into office, summer house, play room, gym, hot tub enclosure... the options are endless.  

All our garden buildings are made to measure in our on-site workshop and offer a choice of style, size, cladding, doors, windows, external storage, insulation to help you create your perfect building.  

Visit our displays and talk to our garden building specialist.

         Fountain Timber Garden Building PVC doors  fountain timber garden  building timber doors  garden building insulation




 We are looking for an experienced bench carpenter /joiner to join our busy workshop. 37 hours per week within Monday to Friday 7.30 -5pm. Overtime occasionally available.

The role includes manufacturing gates, panels, trellis, garden seating, structures and buildings.

Commercial woodworking machinery experience is essential. Forklift licence, first aid and manual handling qualifications would be useful although training can be given to the right applicant.

Your own transport is essential due to rural location (near Bristol Airport).



NEW Spring 2019 Catalogue

We are pleased to announce that our new Spring 2019 Catalogue has been published and is now available in both digital and hard copies.

We kept handy A5 size but added many more products, useful tips and advice, product details and other relevant information.

Please click HERE to view the digital version.

Alternatively, if you would prefer hard copy either pick one up when you next visit our shop, or simply request a copy to be send to you by post by completing the FORM on our website or e-mailing your details to


                             cat 2019


January is a perfect time to start planning what you want to do with your garden in the months to come. Think about what you would like to change and draw plans of what needs to be done to improve your outdoor space. 

Our new spring catalogue, full of new products and ideas will be published on the 1 February.  In the meantime visit the Advice Centre on our website, or come and talk to us about your requirements and ideas and we hope to be able to help you make your garden work better for you not just in spring and summer but all year round.     

We look forward to seeing you soon. 

garden  spring




As we are normally closed on Sundays throughout the winter, special arrangements have been made for the first three weeks of December. Although the site itself will be closed on Sundays, our Christmas store will be open from 10am – 4pm.  This will enable Christmas Tree company to sell freshly cut Christmas trees from our car park again this year. As always, we are happy to help them and their customers by offering the place to display and sell their lovely trees and by processing their credit /debit card sales in Fountain Timber Christmas Store. 

Visitors can also get amazing  Christmas decorations and unique gifts from our beautiful Christmas shop.  

As the site is not fully staffed, we can only offer limited service and sell items displayed in the shop, but we will be happy to take orders for collection or delivery of any of our other products including firewood.  

Christmas trees    Christmas Shop 2018  decorations christmas 18 gifts



Local sourcing has become a buzzword but when your row materials come from a forest 5 minutes away from your yard then ‘locally sourced’ gets a whole new meaning.  As Fountain Timber has always been environmentally minded organisation, we were absolutely delighted to learn that our latest loads of logs were harvested by our supplier Euroforest at Wrington Warren – just up the road from us.  

More than 300 tons of logs, mainly pine were brought in our yard from Wrington Warren, to be cut in our mill and treated in our own treatment plant.

Due to its structure Pine responds well to treatment and it is great for Use Class 4 standard (UC4) for use in external, permanent ground contact applications, severe weathering and attack of fungi (for example fence/gate posts and all timber in ground contact like decking joists and sleepers).

Although we will have to go a bit further for our next load of logs, we take a great pride in producing high quality products while minimising the impact our production has on the environment and always endeavour to obtain our timber from responsibly managed sources. All logs purchased by Fountain Timber to produce square sawn timber within our own sawmill and small round logs purchased to manufacture Round Fencing on site have full FSC®  certified chain of custody.

          logs1               logs2  


With the Beast from the East, cold wind and our woods still covered in snow, it is strange to think that this week actually marks the astronomical beginning of spring. As we are all looking forward to longer days, first blooms and hopefully some warmer weather, here at Fountain preparations for a busy season are in full swing.  We are updating our displays with a new design sheds and garden buildings,   garden furniture and decking.  In addition to fencing and landscaping material form featheredge and fence panels to sleepers, log walls and planters, we also have a selection of beautiful softwood and hardwood gates. All our gates are handcrafted in our on -site workshop and can be made to measure to suit your particular requirements. 

Visit us in the heart of woods, talk to us about your requirements, get inspiration and advice and see if you can pick up a little treasure from our Bargain Corner (few ex display gates and sheds still on offer).

display 3  display spring 1 

 display spring 5  display spring 6



Fountain Timber has always been committed to actively promoting wider sustainability agenda and receiving a Certificate of Environmental Performance from Blackmore Ricotech has further strengthened our green credentials.

We participate in Blackmore Ricotech IT WEEE reuse programme and during 2016 we saved 73kg of carbon emissions by up-cycling 180kg of IT WEEE for reuse before destructive material recovery.

This Certificate demonstrates that we have met all our responsibilities by successfully following best practice and the priorities set out in the Waste Hierarchy framework and by doing so made a positive contribution towards protecting the environment.


                Certificate of Environmental Performance

FOUNTAIN TIMBER’S  FSC Chain of Custody Certificate RENEWED

We are very proud that our certificate for FSC Chain of Custody has been renewed and is now valid till 15 February 2022.

The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) is an international, non-governmental organisation dedicated to promoting responsible management of the world’s forests. FSC certification is most recognised scheme for sustainable forestry and traceability of forests products. The scheme is growing globally and creates an incentive for forest owners and managers to follow best social and environmental practices. 

The FSC Chain of Custody(CoCapplies to manufacturers, processors and traders of FSC certified forest products and allows the tracking of FSC certified material from the forest to the consumer. 

Only an FSC accredited certification body can evaluate, monitor and certify companies to FSC standards, and only continuous compliance can assure that certificate holders can keep their certificates.

Having the FSC Chain of Custody Certificate helps us to show our commitment to actively promoting wider sustainability by ensuring that our logs come from forests managed with consideration for people, wildlife and the environment.   

To learn more about our environmental policy and to view our certificates go to


Although the temperatures may still be a little on the chilly side and the spring hasn’t quite arrived yet most of us have started to think about importance of getting our outdoor living space ready for spring. 

You can find a lot of useful tips and information in our ADVICE CENTRE from how to care for your timber, erect the shed or choose right decking to making your own compost.  

If you have experienced any bad weather this winter there is a possibility that your fence and other garden structures may have been damaged. Whether you need a fence panel, a trellis or maybe a gate now is a good time to come to Fountain and choose from our extensive range one that would best suit your requirements. 

        Somerset Omega panel        trellis

Welcome to 2017

Christmas holidays are now well behind us and January is a perfect time to assess your garden and start planning for spring. Think about what you would like to change and draw plans of what needs to be done to improve your outdoor space. 

With our new spring catalogue out soon and a lot of handy tips in the Advice Centre on our website, we hope to be able to offer you quality products and new ideas to help you make your garden work better for you not just in spring and summer but all year round.     

May the New Year bring us more wonderful opportunities to work together and don’t forget to keep feeding the birds as food is scarce for them over winter.

   Welcome to  Fountain Timber   



It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas....

Our Christmas Shop, packed with seasonal goodies is now OPEN.

Enjoy a drive to our woods, visit Fountain Store to see our beautiful displays and pick up unusual Christmas decorations, tree ornaments and interesting gifts.

                             Christmas Shop 2016 


Well, it's that time of the year again, temperatures are dropping and sitting in front of the log fire is becoming more and more appealing.

At Fountain Timber we sell seasoned hardwood and softwood logs, cut to size, easy to use and ideal for both open fires and wood burning stoves.

Keeping your logs dry is very important as dry, seasoned wood is easier to light, it burns cleaner with less smoke and produces more heat.  

Our log stores are perfect for storing firewood. They come in various shapes and sizes and will enable you to keep your logs neatly under cover and off the ground while allowing maximum air flow from all sides. For more information about choosing and storing your firewood, visit our advice pages.

   log fire

BASF Wolman GmbH 2016 Conference                               


                          BASF WOLMAN 2016 Conference    

Fountain Timber Products Managing Director Steven Sutton and  Treatment Manager Chris Goldstone attended a 2 day Symposium in Sweden organised by our wood preservative supplier BASF Wolman GmbH.

They both enjoyed the event and thought it was very interesting, informative and extremely well organised.

On their return Steven told us that he was very impressed by the BSF Wolman employees and their desire to assist their customers by sharing knowledge, expectation and best practice in the industry.

The highlight of the trip was a visit to Bergstimber Bitus in Nybro, one of the largest treatment businesses in Europe which is pioneering new ways of timber treatment.   

You can find further details and photos from the conference the article TREATED SUPERBLY…THE WOLMAN WAY published by  Fencing and Landscaping News



 Wear it pink 2016 small  October - Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Breast Cancer Now is the UK’s largest breast cancer charity. Every October, their fundraising event wear it pink raises around £2 million, by asking people to wear something pink and donate whatever they can. 

The staff of Fountain Timber Products were happy to take part at this event again this year. We decorated our entrance with pink balloons, baked cakes, had a raffle and we are all wearing pink to help raise money for this worthwhile cause. 
The memory will be preserved by this photo taken by our able photographer Lizzy Lou who not only painted her nails in pink but as a winner of our Pink raffle donated her winning to the cause as well.

For more details visit

                           Wear it pink 2016 staff

Wood turning blanks - BACK IN STOCK

We have just received a large delivery of wood turning blanks. Different sizes, both square and round. Oak, Ash, Sycamore and many more ready for turning.

All our blanks are supplied sawn with the edge sealed with hot wax to reduce the chance of the wood absorbing moisture if stored in damp conditions.

                                     Wood Turning Blanks                                      



The roadworks  at Downside Road are finally finished and after almost a month of disruptions  the road has been  opened this afternoon. Make sure to pay us a visit soon  and stock up on everything you might need for your next job - fencing panels, featheredge, posts and rails, fixings and much more. There are also a lot of offeres on gates and garden furniture as well as  in the Fountain Store so  come and pick up a bargain. 



Visit Fountain Timber this weekend and see our new shop area, expanded to accommodate new furniture and accessories displays.
We particularly liked the cute Kids Stools (£19.99), Glass Top Root Coffee Table (£459.99) and Root Table Bowl (£34.99).
Many more items available to order at very competitive prices. Please ask for details.

expanded shop area                  expanded new shop area
Glass Top Root Table         Kids Stool   New Shop displays


Looking to add new decking to your home this summer?


Millboard composite decking is a new generation of innovative anti-slip and maintenance-free alternative to traditional timber decking. It combines the natural beauty of real timber with the high performance of unique wood- free material that will stand the test of time as it will not rot, warp or fade. The innovative Lastane® finish is non-porous and anti-fungal and boasts the highest anti-slip rating and scratch resistance that is perfect if you have children or pets.

Being a Key distributor we stock most of  the products from Millboard range and we now have brand new Millboard display area so you can  see samples of colours and finishes available.

Millboard decking Carbonised  Millboard Weathered Millboard Coppered Oak


Fountain Timber Products joined forces with Tesco Nailsea Community Team and took part at Nailsea carnival parade. The theme for the float was Santa on his summer holidays, as a seasonal reminder of the December Community Christmas Fair that we will be supporting as well.

Nailsea Carnival is a popular community event organised by 1st Nailsea Scout Group. 

A large number of community groups took part at the procession that finished at Millenium Park with the afternoon Fayre featuring music, dance, children’s rides, stalls and car boot sale. 


NAILSEA CARNIVAL 2016   Santa on holiday     Santa's Holiday Home



More and more people are discovering the benefits of having a summer house in their gardens. Summer houses come in different shape, sizes and finish but even the smallest one will provide a useful extension to your living space and add value to your property.  

Use it to rest, play, dine, read, work, entertain… Create your perfect retreat to escape from the pressures of everyday life and enjoy the tranquillity of your garden.

Choose from a selection of traditional and modern designs available in a variety of sizes and shapes or if you can’t find exactly what you are looking for talk to us about creating a bespoke one that will perfectly fit that spot in your garden as well as your particular requirements.

Melanie Display         


The weather has been lovely recently and most of us are trying to spend as much time outside as possible. Whether you just want to relax in the sun or invite friends and family around we have a great selection of wooden furniture to help you make most of your garden this summer. Visit our site and display area and take advantage of seasonal offers. 

     Round Picnick Table  York Arbour  Malvern  Garden Range      

     Melrose Dining Set     picnic bench


Bank Holiday is the time when most people do DIY work and odd jobs around the house. 

If you are on a mission to transform your garden or just want to give it a bit of TLC this weekend, you will be pleased to know that Fountain Timber will be open throughout the Bank Holiday Weekend.

Visit our site and pick up great value savings on “end of line” Windsor Fence Panels NOW £65.17 (were £86.89), heavy duty mineral felt for your shed, 10m ONLY £36 (was £57.69) or beautiful garden furniture like this Companion Seat NOW £270 (was £325). 

Malvern Bench  Windsor Panel


Visitors to our stand at the North Somerset Show 2016 had a chance to enter a competition to win a beautiful Skaye Trellis Planter. 

We are pleased to announce that randomly selected winner was Mrs Lindy Densham form Congresbury.

Congratulations to Mrs Densham and also a big thank you to all of you who came to our stand on Monday and took time to fill in the form to enter the competition. We look forward to seeing you again soon and wish you more luck next time. 


      Competition Winner North  Somerset Show 2016


 Fountain Timber was one of the sponsors of the North Somerset Show held in Wraxal on the 2 May 2016.

 Although the weather was not too kind to us and it was raining for most of the day, we still had a great day. Thousands of people visited the Show and we would like to thank everybody who stopped by to say hello and showed an interest in our products.  We look forward to coming back again next year. 


North  Somerset Show 2016 1 North Somerset Show 2016 2  North Somerset Show 2016 3  North Somerset Show 2016 4


Our opening hours for the May  Bank Holiday  are:

Saturday 30 April 8am -4pm 

Sunday 1 May 10am - 4pm 

Monday 2 May 10am -4pm



At Fountain Timber we have always been proud to support events and initiatives in our local community. This year we are one of the sponsors of the North Somerset Show that will be held in Wraxal on Monday, 2 May 2016 . 

Visit our stand AG50 (by the Farmer’s Market), pick up our new catalogue and a voucher to receive 10% off your next purchase at Fountain Timber. 
Enter a competition to win a beautiful trellis planter + fun games and lots of prizes for the little ones too.

Fountain Timber at North Somerset Show  


We operate three Hargassner biomass boilers to supply all our heat requirements throughout the site, including heating our offices, store and workshops, running our timber drying kilns and to force dry some of our woodchip.

This is a major step forward in reducing our carbon footprint and helps us maintain our ISO 14001 environmental accreditation. We no longer purchase any heating oil fuel.

We also produce and trade our own ‘bsl’ authorised wood chip and firewood fuel from residual waste.  The Biomass Suppliers List (BSL) is a method which is used to provide RHI (Renewable Heath Incentive) participants with a simple way to demonstrate that their fuel complies with RHI fuel sustainability standards.  

This material is produced from FSC managed woodland supplied from within the region and qualifies for RHI payments.

We can supply and deliver high quality woodchip for biomass boiler.  We specialise in regular small loads (12 cu meters in our tipper vehicle) ideal for customers with restrictive access to their site.  If you want to find out more… Contact our sales office for more details.

Biomass heating saves money and does the work for you…

Biomass Boiler     BSL authorised supplier Logo      Fountain Timber Wood Chip Production


Jagram use their own experienced trained team to install their structures and buildings and they have been very busy in our display area this week putting up this gorgeous Edwardian  greenhouse as well as  Arizona carport and S-line curved pergola so come up to our site this weekend and see our new displays- they  look even  better in real life. 


  New Carport Display Edwardian Greenhouse Display  S line Pergola   Arizona Carport Display finishing touches


 There are several reasons to think about adding a carport to your property: 

  • Carport protects your car or other vehicles from the elements - sun, rain, hail or snow

  • It makes unloading the car easier as there are no doors to open but there is still overhead protection if needed

  • Parking in the carport, closer to the front door rather than in the street is safer for both driver and a vehicle

  • Carport is much cheaper to purchase and install, it  has more flexibility in design and location and usually it is a subject to fewer regulations than a garage.

  • Carport has more versatility than a garage and can be used as covered entertaining or dining area, sheltered play area for children as well as a convenient and protected space for adults to chill or work under.

  • Adding a carport will increase a value of your property and make it more attractive to prospective buyers when it comes to selling. 

Visit our site and talk to us about your requirements. In addition to a newly erected ARIZONA Carport that can  be seen  in our display area you can chose a number of other carports from our standard range or we can discuss truly bespoke structure constructed to your exact specifications and needs. 

Arizona Carport   Arizona carport display

Let's Play Outside 

Encouraging children to play outside is one of the best things that we can do for their health, education and well-being especially now that the weather is getting warmer and they are enjoying a break from school.

Visit Fountain Timber this weekend and see our range of exciting and innovative products designed to stimulate imagination and encourage structured activities in the fresh air.

 Bug Hotel   Playhouse OTTO Ladybird Seat  Sheila Sheep Gate


Good Friday (25 March 2016) - 8am until 4pm  

Saturday ((26 March 2016) - 8am until 4pm  

Easter Sunday (27 March 2016)   - CLOSED

Bank Holiday Monday (28 March) – 10am until 4pm


What are your plans for the Easter Weekend?

The long weekend at Easter can be a relaxing break from work but also a perfect opportunity to spend some time improving your garden. Why not visit Fountain Timber,  see our new displays of fantastic  sheds hand made on our site, beautiful and practical summer houses and a new design green  house. Check out a new range of  accessories in our store  and the special spring discount offer on picnic  tables and other garden  furniture.


 Display log lap shed         Display summer house        Summer House Melanie

Get ready  for Spring 

Home improvement experts are seeing an increased trend in outdoor living as more and more people are looking to transform their garden into an exciting area to entertain and relax in as well as to find cost effective solutions to extend their homes by creating home office, playroom or workshop in their gardens.

If you are looking to improve your outdoor space this spring, whether you are planning a major project or just need a few accessories to refresh your garden you can find it at Fountain Timber. Visit our unique site in the heart of the woods, see our displays and grab a copy of our new catalogue


Fountain Timber Display Area


New Chipping Line Starts Production 

Using wood for heating has many advantages from the reduced C02 emissions to the financial benefits from the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI). 

Having a reliable local supply  of woodchip that meets an appropriate quality standards is very important factor in day to day running of a biomass boiler.  At Fountain Timber we have recently introduced a new chipping line which enables us to supply high quality wood chip at the correct moisture content and competitive price.  Local deliveries help minimise the financial and environmental costs  and promote wider sustainability agenda.

For further information and prices please call 01934862710 or e-mail and we shall be happy to discuss your particular requirements.

Fountain Timber Wood Chip Production               BSL authorised supplier Logo   



Please note that from Monday 29th  February our  opening hours will be:

Monday to Friday - 7.30 am until pm 

Saturday  - am until pm  

Sunday  - 10 am  until pm 

We hope to see you soon!

SALE -  Ex Display Sheds - ONLY 1 Remaining

Some of our EX DISPLAY SHEDS made from quality, pressure treated timber were  on sale in the past few weeks.  Majority of the sheds have been  sold now and we have only this one left.   


     Summer House


We also have a great selection of standard and made to measure sheds, summerhouses, garden offices and other garden buildings.

Please call 01934 862710 , e-mail to request further details or simply visit our site in the heart of the woods (off Brockley Combe, Backwell, BS48 3DF) to discuss your particular requirements.


Fountain Timber Shed transformed into Santa’s Grotto

There's nothing more exciting than meeting Santa at Christmas.  Our friends at Tesco Nailsea were lucky enough to find a slot in Santa’s busy schedule, so they invited him to meet local children and find out what they most want for Christmas.

With the sprinkle of magic dust, one of Fountain Timber sheds was transformed into an enchanted grotto to host the big man himself and his little visitors. 

Fountain Timber Shed being turned into Santa's grotto        Santa's Grotto 2015


CONGRATULATIONS to Mr Bob Lowman – a winner of Fountain Timber Christmas Competition

For the last few weeks we were asking our customers to complete a short questionnaire for a chance to win a luxury Indulgent Gift box.

We are pleased to announce that randomly selected winner was Mr Bob Lowman from Yatton.  Congratulations to Mr Lowman and  a big “thank you “ to all who took time to complete the questionnaire and better luck next time .

Merry Christmas and a Happy New year to all. 

 Mr Bob Lowman – a winner of Fountain Timber Christmas Competition


Still time to Improve Garden Soil with High Quality Woodland Mulch

As the weather has been unusually mild for this time of the year and the soil is moist and still relatively warm, there is still time to apply mulches and garden compost - your soil will love it.

When it comes to mulch a weed control might be your primary aim, but organic woodland mulch will do much more for your garden.  It will help soil retain moisture in summer, prevent weeds from growing and protect the roots of plants in winter.  It slowly decays, adding organic matter to your soil, encouraging earthworms and improving soil structure and water-holding capacity.  To be effective mulch needs to be at least 5cm (3 in) and ideally 7.5 cm (3in) thick and it should be laid over moist soil best in autumn or spring when the soil is not frozen.  

Woodland Mulch

Get a composting bin for your dead leaves

The winter weather with rain and wind is here and the leaves are falling rapidly so why not get a composting bin to put all your garden and kitchen waste to provide compost for your garden.

Although spring is ideal time to start composting, if you get your composting bin now  you will have a great place to put the dead leaves and other garden  and kitchen  waste, your composting pile will  have time to  grow and it will  be ready for spring.   For more information on how to make your own compost visit our advice page:

Composting bin

Feed the Birds this Winter

Winter can be tough time for birds and your supply of food can help save their lives. Make sure you put out food and water on a regular basis. In severe weather, feed twice daily if possible, in the morning and in the early afternoon. More information can be found on the RSPB website:

Bird seeds

POSTSAVER Now Available in Our Shop


Postsaver ground line sleeves and universal Wrap and Tack is a credible, long life alternative to concrete and steel fence posts that could prolong lifespan of the fence and gate posts by providing effective barrier to the causes of ground rot and decay.  Wrap and tack is a tough, universal product that, unlike the welded Postsaver sleeves, can be used on all posts sizes

Post saver   Postsaver Wrap

Christmas Shop 

Our Christmas Shop, packed with seasonal goodies plus all the practical gardening and fencing requisites is now open. 

Enjoy a drive to our beautiful woods and pick up Christmas decorations, tree ornaments and interesting gifts. 


Christmas shop  Christmas Gifts and decorations  Christmas Gifts and decorations


WIN an M&S Indulgent Gift box

While in the shop, do not forget to complete a short questionnaire for your chance to win an M&S Indulgent Christmas Gift Box.  All you need to do is complete a simple 4 question survey (no purchase necessary) and your name will be entered in the FREE draw.

The WINNER will be announced on 18 December 2015 on  our website,  on our Facebook page  and in the shop Fountain Timber Products Ltd, Brockley Combe, Backwell Bristol BS48 3DF

 Gift box



Wear it pink - Friday 23 October

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, a worldwide annual campaign involving thousands of organisations, to highlight the importance of breast awareness, education and research.

Fountain Timber staff joined hundreds of thousands of people across the country in wearing pink on the 23 October and organised a cake sale in the office to raise money for the vital breast cancer research. 

Wear it Pink - October 23 


New UNIVERSAL Contractors Gate - "Does away with hands"

Introducing the new 'Universal' Contractors Gate into our traditional hand made country style gate range. We have replaced our Contracorsgates with the heavier universal gate that can be  hung both Left or Right handed. Making it simpler to order and hang all at the same competitive prices as the old contractors gates traditionally supplied for rural or agricultural needs. Available from stock in 0.9m, 1.2m, 1.5m, 1.8m, 2.4m, 3.0m and 3.6m you can pick one up today. As with all our gates they can be manufactured to special sizes to suit your individual needs. 

Wood Turning Show Ad

Fountain team up with health club to create region's toughest boot camp.

Cadbury Bootcamp

Fountain Timber has created a series of bespoke, arm numbing and leg trembling outdoor fitness apparatus designed to test the most ardent fitness fanatic for the South West’s leading independent health club. The new bootcamp produces arguably one of the toughest boot camp courses anywhere in the region. Our picture shows the fitness team trying out the new kit for the first time before the facility opens at the beginning of September.

The new course has been constructed in the grounds of theclub at Cadbury House in Congresbury by Paragon Gardens of Clevedon and is the first venue in the country to take delivery of the new Fountain designs and includes a three-metre climbing wall, parallel bars, varied height chin up bars, balance beams and monkey bars.

Tom Horton, fitness manager at the award-winning club, is now looking forward to putting members and guests to the hotel through their paces on the new course. He said: “Our boot camps have become increasingly popular so we’re really pleased to have teamed up with local company Fountain Timber to construct this fantastic new course. “Boot camps have grown in popularity because they are a great way to get in shape. The idea is to use the body weight as the main resistance. There’s a lot of team work and the camaraderie is brilliant while the benefits for the individual is massive. “This helps push people to achieve goals they might not reach on their own.

“This new course will now drive participants even further. The new exercise stations are all numbered so people can do pre-set circuits and enjoy harder, more varied boot camps in all-weather, all year round!”

Contact details -

For further information on theclub at Cadbury House call 01934 834343 or visit

For all types of Garden landscaping, fencing or specialist timber installation contact Paragon Gardens on Clevedon (01275) 340743 or e mail


Record Power Display Advert

Coloured Arches, Arbours and Panels

A range of coloured arches, arbours and panels available now! Delivered, any value anywhere within the UK for only £40.

Coloured Arbour 2Coloured ArbourColoured Arbour Blue

Available in five colours

Colour Strip

See the range in our dispaly area at Brockley Combe.

Outdoor learning – NEW Children’s Seating

Add exciting and innovative seating designed for children to any school, nursery or private garden to add shape to stimulate the imagination and to inspire daily.

Dragonfly Seat


Our display area includes a Pirate ship classroom, Dragonfly as shown above seat plus designs including Butterfly, Bee, Ladybird, Never ending Snake. 

Sheep on Gate


Gate and Fence decorations include Sheep, Pig, Pony and Motorcycle designs. Call in to see for yourself or download our childrens leaflet here.


New Garden Room display erected

Our unique display area in the Heart of the Woods shows many new and innovative products. A new garden room display shows the quality and value for money available with Palmako buildings. Their extensive range is available from Fountain Timber and supplied flat pack direct to your home. Everything from classic garden buildings to elegant summer houses can be viewed on their website also you can download their catalogue here

Visit Fountain Timber to find out more

Two Biomass boilers installed

Biomass Boiler

We have installed two new Hargassner boilers to convert our heating requirements throughout our site and timber drying kilns to biomass fuel. This is a major step forward in reducing our carbon footprint and helps us maintain our ISO 14001 environmental accreditation. We can actually produce our own woodchip fuel from what years ago was considered waste and actually created headaches for the company to dispose of efficiently. Today it helps us save money by dispensing with the need to purchase heating oil and helps us meet our goal to reduce our impact on the environment. As part of the company’s ongoing improvement plan we have taken the opportunity to improve the controls in our two kilns to make them more efficient and gain the most benefit from the investment in biomass.

If you are a Fountain Timber customer and want to fin d out more. Simply call 01934 862710 and we would be more than pleased to show you around.

Improved delivery service

New Lorry - News

We are improving our of delivery ability and have introduced a new 3.5 tonne Isuzu Grafter to complement our existing vehicle fleet. The new truck was delivered for use from the 1st May. Being less than 2metres wide it is ideally suited to work in restricted areas in city centres like Bristol and Bath where many residential areas are impossible to service with larger trucks. The body has been designed to suit fence panel sizes and with an added tow bar allows us to deliver dumpy bags of bark or logs using a crane offload trailer.

For more information about our delivery service call 01934 862710

The normal spring boost in the fencing market has become irrelevant this year.

As we approach Easter the whole fencing and timber market is in turmoil. With the storms over winter, the wet weather restricting timber supplies all adding up to shortages no manufacturer or supplier has been able to build stocks this spring.

We at Fountain are chasing raw logs from all suppliers; we have orders with the panel manufacturers who are also restricted by the shortage of component parts. Additionally we have our own sawmill and treatment plants working at full speed and for longer hours. Despite all this effort we still cannot supply what is becoming an excessive order book. We therefore are trying to be fair by supplying materials in the order they are ordered. This inevitably creates waiting lists!

We do not expect this situation to improve quickly. Our only advice is please order early. We do not think the backlog of panel orders will be satisfied in weeks let alone days. With the Easter surge, more and more customers have ordered more - adding to the supply chain problem.

Be assured we will do everything we can to meet your needs, but be patient as we must be fair to all our customers with a first come first served policy.

New catalogue out 1st April 2014

Jam packed with new product and ideas for the garden.


2013 brings new timber treatment, new season products & a whole lot more stock...

BASF Wolmanit® CX

Fountain timber has always tried to use the best chemicals, the best materials and the best treatment practices available in the industry......That is why during all the changes in the chemicals and material usage over the years, Fountain timber has always been able to stand by their treatment.

When revieing out pressure treatment system, we sought a highly effective preservative protection method with minimal environmental impact that offers quality and longgevity to the materials we offer. These are key drivers to customer satisfaction and confidence.

High-quality treatment and state of the art quality control is the most promising way to increase the trust in treated timber. Wolamit® CX from BASF offered a package of product and service that was backed by some of the most compelling research data and findings. This justifies the increased investment in liquid timber protection to protect from all forms of biological decay.



We have introduced a range of planed timber into our treated range following requests from customers for a 'finished' product. These posts and boards are designed to match our quality planed panels and give the opportunity to enhance any solid boundary. Visit Fountain today and feel the difference.

Sizes now in stock include:-

50 x 50           1.8m, 2.4m lengths

75 x 25           1.8m, 2.4m lengths

75 x 75           1.8m, 2.1m, 2.4m lengths

100 x 100       1.8m, 2.1m, 2.4m lengths

150 x 25         1.8m, 2.4m lengths

 ALL SIZES CAN BE PLANED - Most of our posts, rails and boards can be planed or we can cut, plane and treat to almost any specification. Simply ask for a quotation, supplied manufactured to size it could well save you time and money on site. 



Many of the popular sizes of post, rail and boards can be produced with edges eased to give consistent smooth rounded edges to remove the square edge that can be sharp to the touch, particularly to smaller hands. Ideal for use in highly trafficked areas - makes the product perfect for use in schools and public spaces. All can be supplied both treated and untreated.


Speak to us about your individual needs. We can produce any size in small or large quantities.



Enjoy the best of both worlds. The warm natural feel of our traditional timber handmade driveway gates combined with the added stability of a galvanised steel frame and post that will reduce twisting and add stability to the finshed product. The steel frame adds security against vandalism and those you wish to keep out for many years to come. All gates and posts will be finished and clad all round with individual taste and requirements with the hinges hidden from view.


We recommend that you purchase the galvanised gate posts to suit the gate required. However we can supply wall plates for handing on existing brickwork or new piers. Due to the weight and wind loading of these gates we suggest you take advice from a qualified engineer before selecting this option.

An added advantage of using a metal framed gate is the ease of adding automation. Ask for details.



0.90m - 100 x 100 Birds Mouth Post FSC

1.20m - 100 x 100 Birds Mouth Post FSC

1.50m - 100 x 100 Birds Mouth Post FSC

These post can be used with 75mm or 100mm squared post. Galvanized straps required to secure post to rails with 50mm nails.

All combine to give a strudy and attrative finsh to mark any boundary.



A really practical and attractive solution to outside seating




Following the success of manufacturing sheds, workshops and stores to indivdual size and requirements with choices of single or double doors, window positions, level of security we are now breaking the mould from the traditonal shiplap and looking at different finshes including featheredge, T&G, black iron or stainless steel fixings together with alternative materials like cedar for the cladding. Whatever your requirement, it is worth a no obligation chat and price enquiry with our specialist joinery department.

Call us on 01934 862710

We have adapted both our unique Woodland Bench and Rustic benches to make them almost theft and vandal proof. By extending the legs to 1.5m they can be fixed into a concrete base which makes them completely  immovable.

Ideal for open spaces and woodland - perfect for use in public areas by local authorities. 

The Woodland range has now been extended to include a seat and table.

Rustic Bench Long Legs





 2012 a year of continual improvement at Fountain Timber

New sales areas

The most visible change to visitors has been the introduction of the NEW Fountain store. This has given us the space and environment to improve our product range and displays. The building has given us more space to creat a lighter, brighter trade counter area with a wider deeper range of ironmongery, fittings and trade tools for the contractor.

New Sales Area


New Planer Moulder

The introduction of a new high speed 5 planer moulder in our joinery shop has improved the quality of finish on prepared goods and the opportunity to supply small and large quantities of bespoke moulded materials. 

We have introduced both 75 x 75mm and 100 x 100mm treated post in 1.8m, 2.1m and 2.4m lengths for use with decorative panels and agtes where a better finish is required into our standard stock range.

If you have a requirement for a bespoke moulding where the quality of finish is important, contact Dave Parsons our joinery shop manager on 01934 862710 for a no obligation quote.

New Planer Moulder


More Stocks

By increasing the level of stocks available for immediate delivery or collection from our site, we can supply much more on demand to both small and large contractors.

More Stock


New 6.0 x 4.8m Timber Garage Store

This is available as a complete frame with pre-prepared studwork for the walls and your choice of Waney edge or Featheredge cladding. The complete kit offers differing roof options up to and including a complete Cedar Shingle room pack. This two bay portal building manufactured by Duchy Timber is manufactured using West Country Douglas Fir and Larch can be delivered direct to your site for erection onto a prepared base. Prices range from £3950 to £5950 and the building can be seen and inspected in our display area today.

Timber Garage




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