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Driveway Gates

Our driveway gates have recently been updated. We know our customers like our traditional style gates so we kept the style but made them stronger and easier to install. 

We revisited the construction of our most popular designs and made following improvements:

• Adapted the bracing to allow us to supply stronger, wider gates with confidence (2.4m leaf)
• Put an additional top brace on all flat top gates to reduce any twisting and warping
• Looked at all the gate joints and installed two metal star dowels on each joint ensuring that hinges can be fixed with no need to attempt to drill out the dowel
• Run the boards on the face through to the bottom to reduce points where water can sit
• Use stainless steel nails throughout and more of them!

Of course, the most important factor - MADE TO MEASURE remains the same … We can supply to suit your requirements.



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