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Firewood & Log Stores

Here at Fountain, we have a selection of ready to burn hardwood and softwood logs, seasoned softwood pieces as well as kindling and log stores.  

Using quality logs with less than 20% moisture will enable you to achieve better heat efficiency as well as make it  easier to clean and maintain chimneys, fireplaces and wood burners. Read our useful guide on Fountain Timber Firewood.



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Firewood Advice

Choosing Your Firewood

Our increasing awareness of the environmental damage caused by the use of fossil fuels has led to a growing interest in using wood as a sustainable, renewable, low carbon alternative.

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Garden Fires

A fire feature will help those lovely summer and early autumn evenings last a little bit longer. A fire pit creates warmth and light and instantly turns a garden into a gathering place even on the chilly night.

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Ready To Burn Scheme

We have joined the Ready to Burn scheme—a pledge to ensure that we supply only fully-dried, ready-to-use firewood to all our customers. 

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