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Selecting Your Country Style Gate

Before you order your Country Style Gate, you will need to decide the most suitable way for the gate to operate, which will usually be determined by the location. 

When measuring the distance for your gates it is always best to take  three separate measurements - from the top, misddle and the bottom. The smallest measurememnt is the one you want to use.

If new posts are being installed, it is advised to have them installed first and once in place and secure then measure the distance between  them. 

The images below demonstrate different ways to hang a gate 

Hinge pin should be in the centre of the post

Hanging a gate on the back or face of the post

When installing your gate on the back or front face of the post it is advised to have the hinge pin in the centre of the post to maximise strength. The gate will need to overlap the post and the overlap measurement will vary depending of the size of your posts. See below overlap measurements for standard size posts. 

   Post size          Overlap
150 x 150mm    25mm overlap
175 x 175mm   37.5mm overlap
200 x 200mm  50 mm overlap

Single Gate

Once you have your overlap measurement you are ready to calculate the gate size you require. For a single gate measure the distance between your posts, than add the overlap measurement for each post . 

For example: using the above overlap measurement of 50mm you required gate size would be:

Distance between posts+50 +50 + required measurement for gate

Pair of gates 

For the pair of gates you follow the same method as for the single gate - measure distance between posts, add overlap measuremet for each post and then take away 15mm  to allow for the gap between the gates. 

If your gates are are the same size, you devide the total measurement by 2 which gives you required measurement for each gate. For different size gates, split the total measurement to suit.

For example: Distance between posts+overlap measurement for each  post -15mm gapallowance+total measurement. Total measurement devided with two = required gate size

Hanging gate between the posts

When installing your gate using the above method it is advised to have the hinge pin in the centre of the post to maximise the strength.

To calculate your required gate size, you need to measure the distance between your posts then take off your hinge gap and closing gap.

This measurement will vary depending on the hinge you use and the closing latch you use. See below list of measurements for common gate fixings. 

Double strip hinge set   120mm gap 
Throwover Set  110mm gap
Spring Catch Set 110 mm gap
Bolt  15 mm gap

The double strap hinge set is the most popular hinge for the country style gates.  It is available in a range of sizes and finishes.

Suggested Posts and hinges for different gate sizes


Our gate posts come with a weathered 4 way top and are available in a range of sizes. It is advised to install your posts at a minimum depth of 600mm

Suggested posts sizes

Gate length Post size
0.9om  125 x125mm
1.20 -1.50m 150 x 150mm
1.80 - 3.0m 175 x 175mm
3.0 – 4.80m 200 x 200mm

(Important: Never shorten a post and place the cut end in the ground. It will destroy the integrity of the treatment and cause the post to fail very quickly)

Hinges and gate fittings

Gate Length Recommended Hinge
0.90m 300mm (12") Field Gate Hinge Set on Plates
0.90 -1.80m  460mm (18") Field Gate Hinge Sets
Over 1.80m  600mm (24") field Gate Hinge Sets

Please note 

  • The 460mm  and 600mm Field gate hinge sets are available either as standard (fixed) or adjustable versions. Both versions are available as hook on plate or bolt through the post fixing. 
  • For the gates over 3.6m it is also advised to use a supporting gate wheel to reduce stress on the gate joints. 
  • For the country style gates being hung as a pair we suggest you use the adjustable Field Gate Hinge Sets (hinge sizes to suit gate sizes as shown above) 

After-care for your gate

Wood is a natural product and although pressure treatement will guard it against rot and decay, timber will still absorb moisture during winter and dry out during summer months which will cause it to expand and contract. Painting the gate with micro-porous water repellent paints or wood stains will allow the timber to breathe and accept or lose moisture at a slower rate, therefore reducing cracking, twisting or swelling as the seasons change.

The information and advice in this article is provided in good faith and is designed to give general information and guidance. Any reliance you place on such information is therefore strictly at your own risk. If in doubt we strongly recommend you seek professional assistance.

If you need further advice with your purchase please ask our experienced staff, we will be happy to help!

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