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Selecting Your Driveway Gate

Selecting Your Driveway Gate

With driveway gates it is advised that they sit between the posts, with the hinges fixed to the back face of the timber post. This will give the gates a flush finish with minimal gaps. However, every installation is different and other ways to install gates are possible. Please check with your installer. 


If you are ordering a pair of gates to fit between existing posts , you take the measurement of the distance from inside the post minus 45mm for your hinge and closing gaps (15mm each side and 15mm in the centre).

For a single gate you take 30mm off the measurement. 

When measuring the width for your gates, it is always best to take three separate measurements from the top, misddle and bottom. the smallest measurement is the one you want to use. If there is a large discrepency between the measurements, it might be best to reset the posts. 

If new posts are being installed, it is advised to have them installed first and once in place and secure then measure the distance between them. 

Suggested posts dimentions for the gate sizes

Gate Width Post size
0.90m 125 x125mm
0.90-1.20m  150 x 150mm
1.20 -1.80m 175 x 175mm
1.80 – 2.40m 200 x 200mm

(Important: Never shorten a post and place the cut end in the ground. It will destroy the integrity of the treatment and cause the post to fail very quickly)

Hinges and gate fittings

Gate Width Recommended Hinge
up to 1.20m  460mm (18") Hook & Band Hinge Sets
1.20 - 1.80m 600mm (24") Hook & Band Hinge Sets
1.80 -2.20m 750mm (30") Hook & Band Hinge Sets
Over 2.20m 900mm (36") Hook & Band Hinge Sets

When hanging a pair of gates, precision is essential.  Timber is a natural, organic substance which is affected  by the environment and will expand and contract through the seasons. Therefore, it is highly recommended that adjustable hinges are used where possible to keep the gates in line. 

If your gates are taller than 1.20m it is advisable to fit a 150x16mm Breton pad Bolt near the top of the gate to prevent them from twisting out of line with each other.

After-care for your gate

Wood is a natural product and although pressure treatement will guard it against rot and decay, timber will still absorb moisture during winter and dry out during summer months which will cause it to expand and contract. Painting the gate with micro-porous water repellent paints or wood stains will allow the timber to breathe and accept or lose moisture at a slower rate, therefore reducing cracking, twisting or swelling as the seasons change.

The information and advice in this article is provided in good faith and is designed to give general information and guidance. Any reliance you place on such information is therefore strictly at your own risk. If in doubt we strongly recommend you seek professional assistance.

If you need further advice with your purchase please ask our experienced staff, we will be happy to help!

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