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Timber that lasts

Timber used outdoors, exposed to the elements or in contact with the earth or water, needs an in-depth protection best achieved by pressure treatment with high quality preservatives.   

The penetration properties of the preservative are the key to achieving a high quality treatment. 

Different Wood Use Classes & Why They're Important

Required penetration depth will also depend on the intended application of the treated timber expressed in use classes (UC). The higher the use class the higher the exposure to fungi and insects and therefore higher required penetration of the timber preservative.


Internal, dry (for example upper floor joists)


Internal, wetting possible, no direct weathering (for example roofing and tile battens timber frames)


External, direct weathering, no ground contact (for example fence rails, decking boards, fence panels, external joinery, cladding) 


External, permanent ground contact, severe weathering and attack of fungi (for example fence/gate posts and all timber in ground contact like decking joists and sleepers).

Following the guidance from Timber Development UK (TDUK) and other timber trade bodies, Fountain Timber is committed to promote the importance of using correctly treated timber for different applications to ensure they are fit for purpose.

When buying timber for direct ground contact, make sure it is treated to Use Class 4.

We use quality high-pressure treatment Wolmanit CX to treat all our ground contact materials to User Class 4 (UC4) as specified by manufacturer BASF Wolman.

We are confident our pressure treated products will have a service life of 10+ years protected against any failure caused by fungal or insect attack.



Timber is dried to 28% moisture content or below in our own drying kiln (With the exception of Spruce that more readily accepts treatment at over 30% moisture)


We treat timber in like for like batches (i.e. Pine with Pine, Douglas Fir with Douglas Fir, Larch with Larch and Spruce with Spruce)


We monitor, measure and record all treatment cycles to ensure we outperform the manufacturers high treatment standards


We give the timber plenty of time to dry and once it's ready, prep it for delivery and send it on it's way. 

With all these steps we can be confident in offering our customers a 10+ year service life protection against rot or insect attack.

Free 10 Year Replacement Undertaking

Any UC4 product supplied by Fountain Timber Products Ltd which fails during this 10 year period will be replaced FREE OF CHARGE subject to the following conditions: 

  • The timber must be used for the supplied purpose and not placed in any abnormal conditions not highlighted to Fountain Timber Products Ltd at the time of purchase or alternatively removed from their original position and re-used in differing conditions.
  • If the product is cut, notched or drilled it is essential the cut ends are liberally treated with at least two coats of quality wood end grain preservative.
  • Fence post must not be pointed after treatment.
  • The shortening of ground contact products i.e. posts, gravel boards, bollards, sleepers etc should be avoided wherever possible.  Under no circumstances should a cut end be placed in the ground without return for pressure treatment.
  • If setting posts in concrete, suitable drainage / runoff must be applied, allowing water to flow freely away from the post
  • We will require the return of samples (i.e. whole post, bollard, sleeper …) for any failed product to identify the cause of failure and to test the quality  and penetration of the treatment
  • Proof of purchase must be supplied with any claim – this can be by way of receipt, invoice number or delivery note number for the products in question.

Please Note

Excessive damage during installation (i.e. splitting of pointed stakes or equalising/ planning without returning for re-treatment) as well as damage caused by regular wear, for example, regular strimming around the post, will void protection and warranty and such products will not be subject to free replacement. 

This undertaking will cover the cost of replacement of the product as supplied by Fountain Timber Products Ltd.  Any other consequential costs incurred in replacing the product are excluded. 

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