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Why Choose Wooden Planters For Your Garden?

When it comes to enhancing the aesthetics of your garden and providing a sturdy growing spot for your plant life, wooden planters offer a combination of beauty, practicality, and sustainability that’s hard to beat.

At Fountain Timber, our range of wooden planters provides gardeners with an array of choices that will blend seamlessly into the natural surroundings of your garden — while offering practical benefits that enhance plant health and garden aesthetics. Here’s a deeper look into why wooden planters might just be the perfect addition to your outdoor space.

Natural Aesthetics 

Blending with the natural surroundings

Wooden planters will bring a natural charm to your garden that other man-made materials often lack. The warm tones and organic textures of wood blend beautifully with their environment, creating an organic centrepiece in which to display plants. Our chestnut-stained deep planter, for instance, will look at home in any garden space, enhancing visual appeal throughout the year.

planter on legs
raised vegetable planter


Create the perfect growing conditions

One of the significant advantages of wooden planters is their versatility. They come in various sizes and styles, from the cross leg vegetable planter to our unique wishing well planter, making it easy to find the perfect fit for your garden. 

Whether you’re looking to add greenery to a small patio or create an elaborate garden border, there’s a wooden planter that fits the bill. Our rectangular planter is perfect for lining walkways, while the more compact square planter is ideal for smaller spaces such as balconies or decking areas. Meanwhile, our raised vegetable planter provides plenty of space for growing your favourite crops.

The flexibility to move wooden planters around is another key benefit. You can reposition them to follow the sun's path or place them in shaded areas to suit your plants' needs. This adaptability is crucial for maintaining plant health and optimising growth conditions.

rectangular planter
cross leg vegetable planter

Ecological sustainability

Reducing your carbon footprint

Choosing wooden planters is a step towards sustainable gardening. Wood is a renewable resource, and at Fountain Timber, we ensure that our wood is sourced responsibly. Unlike plastic or metal planters, wooden planters are biodegradable and have a lower environmental impact. By opting for wooden planters, you support sustainable forestry and contribute to reducing carbon footprints.

square planter
window box planter


Strong natural materials

Wooden planters, especially those made from treated timber, are built to last. They can withstand various weather conditions without compromising on durability. Our raised beds are crafted from pressure-treat treated softwood, ensuring they remain sturdy and resistant to rot and decay. Elsewhere, our cross leg planter offers both durability and a unique design, providing a stable base for your plants.

grow bag planter
deep planter

Frost Defence

Protection against the elements

Another standout feature of wooden planters is their natural insulating properties. Wood helps protect plant roots from frost, which is particularly important for delicate plants during the early and late growing seasons. This insulation becomes even more critical in northern regions, where frost damage is a common concern. Unlike terracotta pots that can crack in freezing temperatures, wooden planters provide robust frost defence, safeguarding your plants throughout the colder months.

Garden Planter FAQs

Do wooden planters need drainage?

Yes, drainage is essential for wooden planters. Most of our planters use naturally porous softwood, allowing excess water to seep through. Their bases typically consist of slats with small gaps, providing sufficient drainage without additional holes. 

Do wooden planters require lining?

Quality pressure-treated wooden planters do not need liners and can be filled directly with compost. However, lining with a porous cloth weed fabric can help reduce compost leakage and maintain tidiness.

What kind of compost is best for wooden planters?

A mix of multipurpose compost, topsoil, loam, manure, and soil improver creates a rich environment for plants. Bracken down and sea shells can also enhance the medium and deter pests.

How to maintain wooden planters against rot?

Most of our wooden planters are pressure-treated with preservatives that protect against rot and decay for many years. They shouldn't require retreatment, painting, or staining unless you wish to change the colour. For stained planters, apply a preservative annually. We recommend Bird Brand Outdoors Paint.

Should I feed plants in wooden planters?

Yes, since planter-bound plants can't extend roots into the ground, they need regular feeding. Use slow-release fertiliser or feed during the flowering season. Covering the soil with gravel, stones, or bark helps retain moisture and adds nutrients as the bark decomposes.

Wind resistance 

Safeguarding your plants

The weight of wooden planters gives them an advantage in windy conditions. They are heavier than many other types of planters, providing stability and anchoring plants effectively. This is particularly beneficial for areas prone to strong winds, where the foliage might otherwise be damaged. Our square planter is a great example, offering both compact size and sturdy construction to keep plants secure.

utility table
wishing well planter

How can we help?

Wooden planters are a versatile and sustainable choice that offers numerous benefits for gardeners. At Fountain Timber, we offer a wide range of high-quality wooden planters, each designed to meet different gardening needs and preferences. Whether you're aiming to create a beautiful garden space or looking to protect your plants from the elements, our wooden planters are an excellent choice. If you'd like to find our more about our range of wooden planters and discover which might be the best for your latest garden project, please get in touch by clicking the button below.

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