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Ready to Burn Scheme

Fountain Timber are delighted to announce that we have joined the Ready to Burn scheme—a pledge to ensure that we supply only fully-dried, ready-to-use firewood to all our customers. 

Not only does the promise of high-quality firewood improve the efficiency of any wood-burning appliance, it is also a fundamental step toward reducing our environmental impact. Something we are extremely passionate about here at Fountain Timber. 

With the issues of improving air quality and mitigating carbon footprints still very much at the forefront of the collective mind, owners of wood burners are being asked serious questions about the long-term consequences of using low-quality wood and what effect that might have on the environment.

Stamped with a Ready to Burn logo, we can assure customers that our firewood has been sufficiently dried and is, indeed, ready to burn. We even have a certificate

What is Ready to Burn? 

The Ready to Burn scheme has been fully-backed by the Government’s Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) in support of The Air Quality Regulations of 2020. 

While wet wood and coal are the most environmentally damaging fuels used domestically, this new law will make it compulsory to use small quantities of wood that’s certified as Ready to Burn. Meanwhile, in the interest of providing cleaner, more sustainable fuel alternatives, the sale of wet wood and coal will be prohibited. For larger quantities, wood will be sold with expert seasoning advice and methods for checking that your firewood is ready for use.

All wood that is labelled Ready to Burn will be certified by Woodsure, a trusted non-profit organisation whose independent experts work alongside other national bodies, including industry and government representatives, as well as retailers, installers and sweeps to promote the many advantages of using high-quality wood.

Advantages of using Ready to Burn wood

It might sound like an obvious point to suggest that logs need to be dry before being introduced to a wood burner, but it’s not always immediately obvious when that wood is ready for use. 

Living or recently-felled trees can contain up to 60% moisture—depending on the species—and, while an unseasoned log might look like it’s suitable to burn, the pitfalls of using wood with potentially high water content can be disastrous. 

Firewood marked Ready to Burn, on the other hand, has a guaranteed moisture content of 20% or less. Not only will it burn more efficiently than unseasoned green wood, it will also reduce your environmental impact. Ready to Burn wood will be kinder to your burning appliances and chimney—which will also reduce maintenance and fuel costs.

How can we help?

If you would like to hear more about our involvement in the Ready to Burn scheme, or would like any advice on selecting the best firewood for your wood burner or stove, as well as tips and product guidance for storing your firewood, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with the team here at Fountain Timber. We’d be happy to help!

Posted on January 11th 2022

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