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Wolmanit® CX

Wolman products, which have undergone extensive ecological testing, are guaranteed to provide wood with reliable and long- lasting protection.  

Since the introduction of Wolmanit® CX in 2013 we are confident our pressure treated products will have 10+ year service life protected against any failure caused by fungal or insect attack.

What is Wolmanit® CX?

Wolmanit® CX is a liquid wood preservative for use in industrial pressure-impregnation plants. it is used extensively in mainland Europe and the UK to protect timber from all forms of biological decay.  Wolmanit® CX will be stable over a long storage time under different temperature conditions to ensure a proper, homogeneous distribution of the active ingredients in the treatment solution and finally in the timber. The toxicological and eco-toxicologial foot-print are positive to position timber treated with Wolmanit® CX as sustainable and eco-friendly building material.

Wolmanit® CX has....

  • Superior independent penetration data
  • A unique biocide and even distribution of chemical throughout the treated zone
  • Large market share in those countries with independent quality schemes

What is special about Wolmanit® CX treated wood?

Wolman has been at the forefront of timber treatment technologies for a century. Wolman pioneered the development of environmentally advanced, low-hazard preservatives that retain superb performance in service. Wolman is the 'original in wood preservation'.

Where can I use Wolmanit® CX treated wood?

Wolmanit® CX treated wood is designed for garden timbers and fencing as well as interior and exterior construction purposes. Wolmanit® CX treated wood should not normally be used in permanent saltwater contact and freshwater applications should first be discussed with Wolman.

Which glues and fixings can I use?

Most standard wood glues will bond Wolmanit® CX treated wood but specific advice can be sought from Wolman. Wolmanit® CX treated wood is not corrosive to metal fixing but care should be taken to use appropriate products. Hot-dipped or stainless fixings should be used for outdoor applications to protect from atmospheric corrosion.

Does it conform to current European Standards?

Wolmanit® CX conforms to the service expectations set down in BS EN 599. The UK interpretation of the document is BS 8417. Wolmanit® CX is also included in the wood protection Association Manual.

How do I handle the treated wood safely?

Wolmanit® CX treated timber is not classed as hazardous. Once dry it can be handled safely and is suitable for children's playground equipment. As is the case with any wood, treated or not, goggles should be worn when rip-sawing and gloves will protect from splinters.

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